time reversal

the stories of four physicists separated by the whims of fate

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It’s official…there is a new hip cool band.

July 30th, 2008 No Comments

I feel conflicted telling you about them for two reasons: a) I like knowing what’s cool and doling out the information when I decide that said person “deserves” said information, b) I wasn’t the one who discovered them, that honor goes to either Mike or Pitchfork….not sure which one got there first. Even their name […]

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July 8th, 2008 No Comments

Over the weekend I went fishing with my dad on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The fishing was terrible, but the weather was great and we finished breaking in the engine on his new boat. It is fast; max speed attained so far is 77.4 mph. In other news, the scripting language Python is not named […]

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