time reversal

the stories of four physicists separated by the whims of fate

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Tuolumne Meadows Take 2 (Or Dave Visits California)

September 17th, 2008 1 Comment

Dave came out to Berkeley this weekend, and we decided to go rock climbing in Yosemite. It was 94 degrees F in the valley this weekend, so we decided to head up to Tuolumne meadows. We left Berkeley at around 7pm and rolled into the campground around 11:30. After searching for awhile we found an […]

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And then I Found Twenty Dollars

June 25th, 2008 1 Comment

William So, Ruth and I are still on the beach. Our kayak rentals are expiring this morning, so I got up at six to make a little more fun before returning them. Ruth was too tired to go, so I went fishing instead. The bait fish were schooling like I have never seen before, and […]

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Kayaking with Ruth and Shark

June 23rd, 2008 1 Comment

William Ruth and I are vacationing in Florida with my mother’s side of the family for a week. I rented some kayak’s for a couple of days, and we have been having great fun with them. They are the sit-on-top ocean type and are really easy to use. We headed out east this morning along […]

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