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May 26th, 2009 by liz

I had a pretty sweet weekend….sort of. Saturday I went to a barbecue for Martin’s birthday. Sunday, I went to Castle Rock State Park (near Santa Cruz) and went bouldering and hiking. Sunday, I went on a lovely 38 mile bike ride (+ picnic) with Martin, Sirena, and Kevin. I’m finally getting in good shape and was totally kicking butt up the hills. All was going well until we got to the last downhill. Centennial Drive is really steep (there are long sections in excess of 12% grade). As I was coming down the hill, I hit a patch of gravel in a wide sweeping corner while going about 35mph. Since this was one of those corners where if you go over the guard rail you tumble for a really long way, I decided to hit the asphalt instead of the guardrail. I skidded down the pavement on my left side for a ways and then tumbled into a pricker bush.

When I stood up the pavement was covered in blood and my spandex was shredded. Two women in an SUV stopped behind me and gave me a ride down the hill. I felt kind of bad because I bled all over their nice car, but at least I ended up at Martin and Sirena’s apartment with my bike. I tried to shower off and scrub the gravel out, but in the process noticed a really big hole in my elbow. To the Emergency Room!

The problem with the emergency room is that it always takes forever. I walked in and started bleeding all over the waiting room, but they still made me sit there for over an hour while they got their paperwork together. I hadn’t eaten in a long time and had just finished a really long bike ride. Luckily, Martin gave me some chocolate chip cookies or I would have passed out from low blood sugar. By the time they finally admitted me I was starving, and the second they gave me painkillers I was totally out of it. I recall lying there while they stitched me up with my posse of friends exclaiming things like, “Woah, I can’t believe they just shoved the needle right in that wound. Gnarly!” Finally, the doctor said, “Well, this elbow is really shredded. It’s just not going to match up, but I’ll do my best.” Seven stitches and many bandages later I finally got to leave the ER.

I spent the majority of today limping around and being useless, and using the lab’s microscope and nice tweezers to pull little prickers out of my fingers and arms. Since my car is in the shop and I couldn’t actually ride my bike up the hill to get groceries, Kevin brought over supplies for pizza tonight and we made awesome thin-crust and deep dish pizzas with pineapple, sweet potato, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. I seem to be on the way to healing, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to climbing and biking soon.

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  • 1 william May 27, 2009 at 9:32 am

    safety second!