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Almost done with finals…

May 2nd, 2009 by ruth

I am taking three classes right now. It’s too many. The good news is, after my two finals on Tuesday I’ll be all done. I’m really looking forwards to only taking one class at a time from now on, so that I’m not trying to d so many different things at once.

Boulder has us take more classes (10) than many physics graduate programs. It sounds like a good idea in general, especially since it eliminates the need for written quals. I think it will sound like a much better idea after this Tuesday, however.

To get through my marathon of studying, I’ve been listening to plenty of new music. It’s new only to me, probably not to any of you who read pitchfork or wherever kids these days get their music from. I’m enjoying the new Decemberists album, The Hazards of Love, it’s basically a very pretentious rock ballad. In a good way. Also, I really like The National these days, the lead singer has an unusually smooth voice for one so deep in pitch and they create a neat sound with it. And I’ve been listening to the Dandy Warhols, which is just good old-fashioned rock and roll. Finally, there’s a local group called Devotchka that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, they have an accordion and a tuba and their music is sortof Eastern European Folk meets Wild West — I can totally imagine any of their songs on the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie.

After finals I’ll try to assemble some photos of my ski season, it was an absolutely crazy winter.

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