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Crazy Plans + Metal Concert

March 2nd, 2009 by william

One of my German friends is taking a physics of music class and recently told me that for his final project he would build a vacuum tube hi-fi amplifier. I thought this was an excellent plan, and as I had planned to build a set of loudspeakers las t January but was distracted by a robotics competition and never got around to it, there was only plan before us. Together we would assemble two sets of loudspeakers and two tube amplifiers. Our primary objective do everything as awesomely as possible while still having enough cash to throw an awesome party at the end.

We have pretty much decided what we plan to build. The loudspeakers will be standard, vented bookshelf speakers with one tweeter and one woofer per channel based on the design used in the MIT IAP speaker design class. The drivers themselves are relatively cheap, but from looking at their impressively flat response curves, I cannot imagine why anyone would pay more for other drivers. The amplifier will be based on the ST-70 design and will hopefully look something like this, but we have not yet decided exactly what kind of chassis we want.

Hopefully all will go well and I will have more than just a really expensive night light at the end. Pictures will be coming as we make some progress. Any suggestions for first songs to be played on the pair?

Last night my crazy Austrian friend, Martin, was performing with his metal band in the town of Rantoul, which I am guessing has a population of 3. A bunch of the first-years drove up and it made for an interesting scene–physics students moshing with native Rantoulians. Nothing got too out of hand and most of us have even regained our hearing.

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