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Back from Boston

January 29th, 2009 by william

The lobby of the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston.

Sometime late last year I was sitting in my office thinking about my friends in Boston, so I called a couple to see what their plans would be for January and immediately bought airplane tickets. You might ask why anyone in their right mind would go to Boston in January, so I will list a few of mine motivations. Obviously my friends top the list, and it makes sense to visit while most of them are still in the Cambridge area. MIT takes the month of January off so everyone can do whatever crazy thing strikes their fancy without the stress and rush of the semester hanging over their heads.

Adele, who now works for Rolls Royce in Berlin, was going to be in town around the same time, so it only made sense to have our visits should overlap. I also wanted to have lunch with a professor I used to work for and to see a few of my friends from high school who are still MIT students. I also got a chance to visit the Museum of Fine Art and the Institute for Contemporary Art again. The MFA had a stunning collection of portraits by Karsh. The ICA was only half open as their rotating gallery was closed for renovation, but their lobby (shown above) was quite beautiful. I also went to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum but cannot say I was much impressed.

All in all, I was quite lucky and ran into everyone I had planned on meeting and many people I had not. Much good food was had by everyone, and I got to visit my old favorite haunts like the Helmand, Bisque at Quincy Market, Sunset Grill and Tap, and John Harvard’s. Probably most importantly, it was good to be reminded of the enthusiasm that exists everywhere at MIT.

Now, I am back in Urbana, and another semester has started. I am taking a few classes and work continues. We recently encountered a few setbacks, but I hope they will not delay us too much in the grand scheme of things. Oh! and my lab just got an undergraduate today. She is all excited about science and getting stuff done. I have high hopes.

The below picture is of Mike’s living room at his apartment above the Royal East; he is still a pretty chill dude.
My friend mike at his apartment in Cambridge with the disco dance floor.

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  • 1 ben Jan 29, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    !!! I wanna visit the ICA!!!!

    I just looked it up, I think we started making plans to goto it in like 2007 (it was that article from the boston globe about the new building)…it took us an entire year and a half to get over there.

    When I was in London I got to see the Tate, it was like the ICA times 23,459.

    Yea, Boston and MIT are pretty awesome. When I was home for break I went to see my first ballet and I really liked it. I wanna go again.

  • 2 ben Jan 29, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    oh also, I like how your ICA picture reminds me of hogwarts….not that I have ever been….to hogwarts, that is.