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Tenderized Meat

December 26th, 2008 by william

I was wathcing the MythBusters a few days ago and they were trying to find an extreme method for tenderizing meat. The smarter one of the two had built a cannon from which he was firing New York strips into a steel plate; this method was not so controlled as to be useful, but it gave me an idea.

What if one took an ultrasonic cleaner and instead of filling it with acetone or ethanol, filled it instead with some kind of marinade. Then just toss in a few steak and crank up the power, a few minutes later the cut would be tender and infused with whatever flavors one desired. It could be great.

Well, maybe all of the cells would explode and the whole thing would just dissolve in the marinade. This is one of those ideas I am filing away should I decide a career change is needed.

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