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Freezing Rain and Half Life

December 17th, 2008 by william

So, I took my one final yesterday, and as my advisor is in Vegas trying to round up some more funding, I decided to skip town. Immediately. This was probably not the wisest choice I could have made as it was snowing, but I felt like driving somewhere warmer. It was snowing, but in my brief and optimistic viewing of the weather radar, it seemed that all I had to do was make it a couple of hours south, and I would be in the green.

So, in typical devil-may-care fashion, I threw some stuff in my car, filled up the tank, and headed south amidst light flurries and dark skies. This was fine for a while, but the flurries became heavier, and my winshield wipers were frozen to my windshield. In prying them off, I ripped one of them. Then when the rain started coming down, my windshield got covered in ice, and running the defroster at full blast and the highest setting could barely handle it. While puchasing some new wiper blades, I discovered that magical deicing fluid is sold in spray bottles. This solved my wiper problems temporarily, but I still wasn’t able to replace the torn one as the clasp that holds the blades seemed frozen.

Whatever, I finally escaped from Illinois. A journey that usually only takes a few hours took five, but at least it had warmed up to 23 degrees and was no longer raining when I crossed into Missouri. Starting in Arkansas, the rest of my trip was covered in fog or rain or some combination of the two, but who cares? At least it wasn’t freezing to my windshield.

Anyway, I made it home, and a funny thing happened this morning. I went out to my car to unload some things when as I opened the door to my house, the cat jumped off the washing machine and out the door. This rather startled me as I was half asleep and had completely forgotten that cat existed; my imagination didn’t let me down, and the first thought to enter my head was “headcrab! where’s my crowbar?” This is a completely nonsensical idea at the best of times, and only makes sense if you have played the Half Life series of games. This event has inspired me to spend my winter break playing HL2; perhaps I will get Portal as well.

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