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November 16th, 2008 by ben

This first term is kinda hard, looking for groups, writing essays for fellowships, taking classes, and teaching. So when an opportunity came around to have fun and forget about all the work I had to do, I took it.

The Decemberists

Ladies and gentlefolk, the decemberists with opening acts loch lomond and the walkmen.

As you can see I took a fair amount of video with my camera and for the most part it worked out which is really cool. The opening bands were a mixed bag. Loch Lomond, the first band, was an amazing folk/rock band from Portland, Oregon which totally blew me away. They were the perfect opening for the Decemberists and were extremely enjoyable. If you really want to understand how awesome they are click this link or this one or even this one, they really know how to incorporate a large range of instruments. Needless to say I was incredibly impressed by them.

The second opening act was The Walkmen, they blew goat nads. I will not link to them for they are the worst band I have ever seen in concert and should be avoided at all cost as they ruin otherwise good concerts.

The Decemberists, headed by the unbelievably witty colin meloy (who I saw in solo concert last year), were great. I have to admit that Colin seemed to be suffering from a cold and even mentioned that his voice was scratchy, so they never really brought the house down, but instead there were a lot of sing-a-longs which were in some ways just as cool.  I’ve had a funny history with the Decemberists. I have in fact had tickets to go see a total of 4 Decemberist shows, but only ever made it to 2. Go figure.

It’s taken me days and days to upload all these movies to youtube, if you go to youtube and search for e3nder, you’ll find the rest.

i think it only made it rain more

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