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never tell me the odds

November 8th, 2008 by ben

I just spent literally days of my life applying for NSF. Every weekend for the last month and a half has been devoted to fellowships…yet they only gave out 45 fellowships to physics students last year. “never tell me the odds”

Also I just saw an ad for an amazing shirt that says “Yes we did.” I want it.

A lot has happened since I last posted, by skipping my office hours and casting a vote in the liberal bastian of Ithaca I single handedly undid hundreds of years of racism in America. You can all thank me later at your personal convenience. Liz, on the other hand, went to the whitest place on Earth. And at last, I got a new computer (it’s a tablet!). That about catches you all up with my life, mostly that’s because I don’t have a life.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember why I chose this life, I work crazy hours during the week and I work all weekend because no matter how much I do there is always more to be done. There are times where I am enthusiastic about my work and there are other times where I am downright dismal about what I am doing. I guess I feel kind of lost because I don’t really know what I am studying for. I’ve been trying to fix this, but its a hard thing to fix. A lot of people talk about the “post Q exam blues,” I don’t really understand what those are, you wanna talk about heartache? Let’s talk about the “pre Q exam, pre group assignment blues.” It’s time I stopped dwelling on this though, as it doesn’t really give you any meaningfull information about my life here.

Well Liz, you’ve driven me to the unthinkable, to get a better picture of what life is like here I want to post some pictures so you understand.

In the first installment of “Ben’s Life” I will show off my neato-room…I say neato not because it’s neat but rather because I wanted to make it sound cool.

my desk

Above you see my desk…note that there is no order to anything on it. Also note the barren walls, even though I have things I could hang on the walls I choose not to, why do you ask? Is it because I do not have the fixens to hand stuff with? No, I bought those months ago and they would be visible if I were to pan to the right. Rather it is because I am incredibly lazy.

more of my desk

I have included more of my desk only because a certain cat is standing on it, as he does almost anytime I am home.

Here you should note two things: first, a steampunk lamp that made me feel like a grownup because “I bought lighting,” second, a bookcase that looks exactly like the bookcase that I have had for the last 4 years…again lazy.

I think what I want you all to take away from this little foray into the horrible and twisted world of which I live in is that I really only have time to sleep in my room and that without outward influences my room becomes more about “function” and less about “form.” Which come to think about it is incredibly sad, because I love form. I mean jeez, I bought a lamp cause I thought it looked steam punkish. *shrug* Maybe in a few weeks once things have calmed down a bit I can try to make this place more like a home.

Also, sorry folks, I’ll try to make my life more exciting.

into my confidence without a thought of consequence

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  • 1 Liz Nov 11, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    Cheer up Ben! Life will get better. Plus, you have a cat to keep you company. That’s awesome.