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What am I up to?

October 27th, 2008 by ruth

Whoops, I dropped off of the face of the earth for a while. What have I been up to? I guess I’ve been working a lot but that’s not news. Here is some news:

I’m starting to notice that I live in mad scientist paradise. It’s crazy here: even my grocery store sells Make magazine. I just found out that because my house used to be the development headquarters for this neighborhood of condos, there is a lot of cool construction stuff left in the basement. Apparently the previous tenants ran a ski repair shop out of the basement and left some stuff too. I cleared off a layer of cardboard boxes and newspapers and camping stuff to find a whole wall was covered in workbenches. We even have compressed air! And a drill press, and a table with a circular saw built into it, and a big grinding wheel and all sorts of random stuff. For all of my mad science needs, I also found this crazy electronics shop that is only two blocks from my house. Imagine one of those guys from swapfest who got like six degrees from MIT back in the 80s and is always talking about ‘back in the day, when things were more hardcore’. Now give him a million dollars and a time machine tell him to go get every obscure electronics component he could ever want to have on hand. This is not radio shack. There are no clock radios.

In other news, I went skiing on Saturday, at Arapahoe Basin. The only skiing that’s open in the whole USA is about two hours from my house. It was completely ridiculous and awesome. They don’t have any sort of resort stuff, so it’s mostly locals with season passes up there goofing off. The snowpack is two feet of man-made and one foot of jesus-made snow, covering just two blue slopes on the same lift. But everybody’s out there because how ridiculously cool is it to be able to ski before Halloween? It was a lot of fun. There was even a guy dressed in a full-body chicken suit. And some random people blasting euro techno in the parking lot at the bottom of the slope. Also, this was my first chance to try out the new skis. I’ve always rented skis before — so the sharp edges and the fresh coat of wax and the actually warm boots were just an amazing experience. I can’t wait to take them out on real snow in a month or so.

Is it going to be torture to go to grad school here? I wonder. There is so much cool stuff to do, even if I was a bum and had no job, I would still run out of time (I still haven’t been rock climbing!). I guess I need to figure out how to work really really efficiently. And Liz needs to teach me how to not ever need sleep.

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  • 1 liz Oct 28, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    The key to not needing sleep is to drink a steady stream of caffeine. A cup of coffee every few hours won’t do it. You either need an IV with caffeine in it or consume roughly 1 can of mountain dew ever 1.28 hours in as steady of a fashion as possible. When your can is empty, immediately crack open a new one.

    In other news, I went skiing before Halloween in VT once. Killington was the first mountain open in the US that year.