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October 23rd, 2008 by liz

I have my plane ticket. I am leaving at 4:30 pm on Saturday Nov. 1. I’ve started to really think about packing, as opposed to the last time I posted about this, when I was only vaguely thinking about it. It’s tough. I can only bring 75 lbs., and that is for everything I will possibly want for 3.5 months. 75 pounds sounds like a lot, but consider the following:

-my laptop + charger weighs 9 pounds
-lotion + shampoo + contact solution + all other toiletries for 3.5 months = about 9 pounds (liquid is heavy)
-my hiking boots weigh 2 pounds
-the emergency cold weather gear weighs 22 pounds

That leaves me with 75-42 = 33 pounds for everything else. I don’t think I can bring enough warm things to survive for 3 months with only 33 pounds. I might freeze to death. I think I might have to mail myself things like contact solution–I just don’t think I have enough weight allowance to fit it all.

7 days and counting. I still need to turn in those fellowship applications, which means I need to finish those essays. I need to pack. I need to mail myself things. Dave is coming to visit this weekend. I need to setup and run two different cryostats to get data. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

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