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Prototype This!

October 16th, 2008 by liz

I got an e-mail from Zoz a few days ago informing me that I should watch the premiere of his Discovery Channel show, Prototype This on Wednesday (last night). The basic idea of the show is that the 4 hosts come up with a nifty engineering idea and then try to prototype it in 10 days. Unfortunately, I don’t own a TV. Luckily, the cast and crew were having a premiere party in San Francisco, so Zoz told me to come to the party and watch it there.

The party was an interesting mix of nerdy engineers and TV types, and I was handily beaten at pool several times. It turns out that the last time I played pool I wasn’t old enough to drink yet, and last night I learned that while calculating trajectories isn’t too bad, actually hitting the ball where you want it to go is harder when you’re drinking beer. The show was pretty cool. It was fun to watch it with all of the people who were in it–they were all making fun of each other every time one of them did something dorky, and there was loud cheering for every engineering success. In conclusion, watch the show! It’s funny and they build cool engineering projects. It shows on the Discovery Channel on Wednesdays at 10pm.

As I was leaving the party, I passed by the Warm Things factory outlet store. They have down bathrobes! Why did I not know about this store when I lived in Vermont?

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