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First Days of Class + Qual + First Day of Work Over

August 27th, 2008 by william

Well, I have gone to two days of class, taken two nights of qualifying exam, and am ready to return to a state of order and tranquility. The test went as well as could be expected, and I will have the result on Friday at 5. A bunch of us went out to celebrate at this bar called the Blind Pig last night; good times were had by all.

Recently there was a collection of photos of a female Israeli army company were posted to BoingBoing, and it got me thinking about the similarities between their lives and mine. Well, that wasn’t how I started thinking about the issue. Originally I was inspired by how different their lives were form mine. They get up in the morning, probably go for a job, do some stretching, eat mediocre food, maybe go do some target practice at the range, maybe do some mindless physical labor, clean your gun, and get some shut eye. I am sure there is little pressure to perform past what it takes to survive and keep up with the rest of the company, and it could be a fun lifestyle for a while. I wouldn’t mind doing that.

Wait! To some degree as a graduate student, I am. Granted, there is always the pressure to do more than one is, but the parallels are there. This idea brought a smile to my face, and then I went to start my first day with the DeMarco group. I think it is going to work out well.

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