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New [Queen] Sized Bed…

August 21st, 2008 by ben

I decided that that old bed just had to go…I haven’t quite put it into an alley behind my apt, but it’s on its way out.

Here I am in Ithaca, the city of gorges.  I’m mostly moved in and tomorrow I’ll go and fill out the mounds of paperwork that I was just informed are waiting for me. At that time I’ll have a little bit more of an idea of what Physics for Premeds will actually entail.  My cat seems to like the new house, he runs up Blue Keys of Oldeand down the stairs and loves sleeping on the various queen beds in all the rooms. It feels weird that I begin work on Friday, and I have to goto “orientation” events. Mostly cause I feel so much more neutral about going to these events then say all the MIT events (even playfair), or all the events with yelling and screaming Blue Keys. — Yes, that is a picture of some super old blue keys burning the A, they still do that, doesn’t it seem kind of like a backwards tradition? (all the cool kids pee their pants….)

Ithaca is kind of like Maine…it was 44 degrees during the night last night, and I didn’t have access to blankets or the mental facilities to CLOSE MY WINDOWS. It’s quite jarring how Ithaca quickly oscillates between beautiful landscapes in vast wooded areas near lakes and disgustingly commercial outlet strip malls. I just realized it’s quite late for all that I have to do tomorrow…so I guess I will continue this some other day.

By the way, even if it was a few months ago, as I unpacked boxes I reopened a graduation present somebody gave me that was without a doubt the most thoughtful present anybody has every given me.

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