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It’s official…there is a new hip cool band.

July 30th, 2008 by ben

I feel conflicted telling you about them for two reasons: a) I like knowing what’s cool and doling out the information when I decide that said person “deserves” said information, b) I wasn’t the one who discovered them, that honor goes to either Mike or Pitchfork….not sure which one got there first.

Fleet Foxes

Even their name is cool. I should mention wikipedia makes mention of them being the best new band from Washington…which translates to best new band in the world.

http://www.myspace.com/fleetfoxes¬†¬† You should listen to Mykonos if you know what’s good for you.

In other news I was given the option of contributing to a CmsNote (it’s like a paper) but then screwed it up as they assumed I was staying on for another…2 to 4 years.¬† I was mildly sure we went over that I was staying for only 1 summer at the first Muon HLT meeting, but it seems I was mistaken. Regardless, to cheer myself up I went to see WallE which was an amazing movie. Even though it costs me a billion dollars I might try to see X Files tomorrow. Also I’ve become addicted to The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack…mostly just The Kinks as in Strangers and This Time Tomorrow (I couldn’t link you to darjeeling limited cause it would ruin one of the best theatrical jokes I’ve ever seen) and of course the musical stylings of Joe Dassin in Les Champs Elysees.

Don’t have much science or physics news to talk about…except all new prereleases of CMS software (CMSSW) use configuration files which are written in python instead of CINT, which is universally agreed to be a step in the right direction. Unfortunatly I have not met a single person who has ever successfully run any of their old code with the new python config files…instead everybody tries for a little while and then gives up. Hooray for progress!

something more productive like roscoe

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