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July 27th, 2008 by liz

The last two days were spent driving across some pretty boring country. Idaho was the worst. The only cool part of Idaho was driving down US-20 and seeing the west side of the Teton mountain range. From the west, you can really tell that the Grand towers over all the other mountains in the range. Nevada had some nice mountains (hills?) but it was 40C the entire way across the desert, so my time was mostly spent worrying about whether my car would make it. Also, I got to go through a tunnel somewhere in Nevada. Woo! As soon as you enter California, you descend out of the mountain range that Lake Tahoe is in. You drop many thousands of feet, and you are driving down steep hills for almost 40 miles. The best part: trees. I hadn’t seen any for a few days.

So now I’ve finally arrived in California. I’m staying at a friend’s place in San Francisco, Langton Labs. The place is pretty sweet. Now it’s time to find out what I’m doing for the next few months and find a place to live. Should be a party!

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