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And then I went dirt biking…

July 15th, 2008 by liz

Yesterday after Alex got back from work, we drove out to Radersburg, MT and went dirt biking. Dirt biking is kind of like mountain biking, except the bike weighs 240 lbs. and the slightest touch of the throttle sends the bike flying over the ground. I basically got the hang of riding the bike pretty quickly, and even got both wheels off the ground on a little jump near the end of the session. I took a break, and then decided to go for one more spin before calling it a day.

I got on the bike, shifted it into first, and gave it a little gas while letting the clutch out. Then it started to stall, and I made a stupid mistake. Instead of pulling the clutch back in, I gave it way to much gas and the bike lurched forward with amazing power. Instead of letting go like a smart person, I held onto the handlebars which further pulled on the throttle and gave the bike more gas. I was in a wheelie-superman before the bike finally hit the ground and I crashed onto the dirt. Fortunately, you wear about a million pads, armor, and a full face helmet when riding. Unfortunately, the one unpadded part of me hit the ground first. Apparently everyone makes this mistake once before they realize how powerful the bikes are.

In conclusion, dirt biking is awesome! When I move to Montana someday, I’m totally getting one. Oh, and a big truck. I mean, look how good I look with such things!

Who\'s the redneck now?

Who’s the redneck now? (Me on Alex’s dirt bike by his truck)

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