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Album Review: Red Album by Weezer

June 26th, 2008 by ben

Weezer - Red Album

As any geeky kid who ever had a 12-sided die will tell you, Weezer is awesome…or at least used to be. But what about now? I liked the single they released: Pork and Beans. But I’ve heard bad things about this new album. Below I’ll give a track by track review of the new album.

Track 1: Troublemaker

Yea this one is pretty horrible, and gets grating after a minute or so.

Track 2: ummmmmm why does this sound like Girlyman? Oh. Ooops.

Track 2: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Started off HORRIBLY. But then during the Choir section I action really liked it. Then Rivers came in singing in a falsetto… :<

Why is he stupidly quoting shakespeare?

Track 3: Pork and Beans

Excellent. Pure Weezer goodness. Simple and catchy with a hint of El Scorcho.

Track 4: Heart Songs

Eh. The lyrics are pretty dismally trite. It’s sad cause I feel like the sound they are creating is overused and overly generic. It’s not that I don’t like “Pop Weezer”, but this just isn’t very good. But I could maybe see this song growing on me. The ending is extremely reminiscent of old weezer. To the point where it’s like they are teasing me with good music.

Track 5: Everybody Get Dangerous

This is just troubling, it’s almost like that other song Hashpipe (which I also disliked). And what is this Sympathy for the devil stuff at the end?

Track 6: Dreamin’

I liked this song better when it had the muppets.

Track 7: Thought I Knew

Um, who’s singing? This sounds like the absolutely worst Guster song I’ve ever heard. No, I’m sorry Guster would never have a song this bad, Guster could sing about cookies and I’d be happy.

Track 8: Cold Dark World

LA la la laaaa La la laaaa la la…oh sorry it was the same opening as an Architecture in Helsinki song.  This song is bad. This album is not looking good.

Track 9: Automatic

:< This isn’t Rivers either. Bad.

Track 10: The Angel and The One

Good start! Will they screw it up? No. The first good song since Pork and Beans.

Track 11: Miss Sweeney

It’s weird…I think I might like it, but I honestly am not sure.

Track 12: Pig

I actually liked it. I thought I wasn’t going to, but you really need to listen to the entire song before you make the call.

Track 13: The Spider

Too slow. Wrong sound for them.

Track 14: King

Wow, I really like the intro. Not-Rivers sounds good for the first time. It reminds me of Kill Bill for some reason? This is the best song on the CD but it sounds nothing like a Weezer song, honestly it’s like I’m listening to a different band. That being said, if this One song is a hint of a new direction they are thinking about moving in, then I strongly support it. Listen to it here.

Is this how it begins? My parents don’t listen to much music, and to be totally honest I don’t know many adults who do. Is it just that they follow the bands that they grew up with until they either a) broke up or b) got dismally worse and worse?

Also, am I an adult yet? Maybe more importantly – to me at least – am I a physicist now?

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  • 1 Einstein Jul 6, 2008 at 12:20 am


    meow i’m cute and in this one, the light hits me just right

  • 2 mike Jul 6, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    good review, i listened to a few snippets on youtube. i couldn’t really find anything i liked. it didn’t even sound like weezer at all. wtf. sadness.

    p.s. who’s the 5th physicist? i only count 4..

  • 3 william Jul 6, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    The 5th is Adele. She is going to join whenever she gets an internet connection.