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A presentation in two weeks!?

June 18th, 2008 by ben

Whatever happens this summer, I am extremely glad I got the chance to work at CERN. Because truth be told, after working in a lab with 2 Grad students, a postdoc, and a professor I don’t think I ever would have believed how incredibly different this kind of physics is. I really think MIT has done a bit of disservice by not encouraging its undergraduates to try a different field of physics each summer.

I’m about to go into a video conference so I will finish this post later tonight…

Well it seems that I left writing this for more than a day. Needless to say, the video conference was incredibly complicated and I don’t think I understood more than 2 minutes of it. I’ll admit I hit my lowest point in the talk when I subconsciously rebuked all those at the conference to go and troll around on arxiv to find some interesting physics to look at (ha!).

Starting at about 10:45 pm when the soccer match of the eurocup ends my apartment is constantly being berated with horns. You see I live next to a huge park, but for the duration of the Eurocup it hosts a TV screen larger than the Hatch Shell (maybe the same size…but I still think larger). So every night somewhere between 10-15 thousand people or more watch the game there, dressed in whatever paraphernalia they have for that country. It’s kinda a big deal here…

Why don’t we have that kind of national pride? Believe me, I’m no fan of jingoism, but I like many others I’m sure have felt distant from our country, most of the time embarassed.  I’m sure those who would argue against me would rail against my “intellectual elitism.”  And maybe it is just that, I am part of a generation of intellectual elites who were more likely to read excerpts from Howard Zihn’s history book in school than any other.  I distrust the government more and more everyday and refuse to affliate myself with either political party. But is this all because of intellectual elitism?  Since when was it that only intellectuals believed in privacy? Or as one of my favorite quotes goes, that our government is becoming “A government so small that it will fit into our bedrooms“. More than anything in recent memory, what gives me hope is the Judiciary (both the state and the federal judiciary).

I actually have much more to say about this, and an article I want you all to read, but I will post about it later. Instead you must relieve yourself of these heavy topics and watch and listen to what is below:


and as always a song, in this case one that highlights the illusion of privacy as this band made the entire video using Britain’s mass of CCTVs and then used Britain’s FOIA to get the videos…plus it’s awesomely catchy.

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