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Overly Priced Local Calls

June 16th, 2008 by ben

I wanted my second post to include beautiful pictures that would make everybody jealous…but I’m really lazy. Instead, not but fifteen minutes ago I came across the evidence of a $50 phone call that had been charged to my credit card. This of course upset me, but I guess I have no one to blame but myself…I mean any reasonable person would assume a local call would cost approximately 50 dollars in Switzerland, no?
I’ve finally discovered what I am working on this summer, and I wish I could say that I was totally thrilled about it but sadly I am not. It is possible that it will grow on me. It seems they’ve put me in charge of finding the Higgs 🙂

No, they didn’t.
Cartoon Picture of CMS detector
Above you see the CMS Detector in all its cartoon glory. I have been tasked with working on the TriggerDQM-HLT which is similar to the GCT, HCALDQM, ECALDQM, the L1DQM and some other acronyms which amazingly enough I’ve forgotten! (Who’d a thunk, aye?).

To give the briefest description I can for now (as I’m sure I will be able to say much more later in the summer) I am working on partially real time…though more or less, post data-taking Data Quality Monitor to make sure the Software triggers are working correctly. The triggers are a set of hardware and software tests that rule out the unimportant collisions in the collider, they are separated into Level 1 and High Level Triggers (HLT) which are implemented in mostly hardware and software respectively.

You see when the LHC goes into full kick-ass mode in a few years they will be recording approximately 40 MHz of collisions. This number is so insurmountably large by today’s standards that the task of sifting through it all with present technology is impossible. So the idea is, since most of it is trash anyways, to get rid of all but 100 events (we are actually probably going to go down to ~10 events per second for the next few years and slowly build up to 100).  I’ll explain more about how we go from 4,000,000 reactions per second at the early luminosity of the LHC down to 10.  Before I leave this topic I want to make note of the fact that even down at this low a number of events the LHC will be pushing ~100 GB/s of data.

Also, a fist bump? A terrorist fist jab? Who knows????

Oh American culture how miss/hate thee.

Also, I will try to put at the end of a post what I am listening to. (For better audio head here)


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