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Entries from June 2008


June 30th, 2008 No Comments

Liz I’m leaving Boston tomorrow. It’s a strange feeling. This place has been my home for the last 4 years. I’m in the process of packing. I can only take as much as I can reasonably fit in my car. How do you decide what things you will need for the next 6 months, and […]

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Album Review: Red Album by Weezer

June 26th, 2008 3 Comments

Ben As any geeky kid who ever had a 12-sided die will tell you, Weezer is awesome…or at least used to be. But what about now? I liked the single they released: Pork and Beans. But I’ve heard bad things about this new album. Below I’ll give a track by track review of the new […]

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June 26th, 2008 No Comments

Ben #returning a “tuple” or nothing if plane<3: return listOfObjects, evtList Awwwwwwww, if plane loves returning listOfObjects, we all get an evtList…how cute.

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And then I Found Twenty Dollars

June 25th, 2008 1 Comment

William So, Ruth and I are still on the beach. Our kayak rentals are expiring this morning, so I got up at six to make a little more fun before returning them. Ruth was too tired to go, so I went fishing instead. The bait fish were schooling like I have never seen before, and […]

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Kayaking with Ruth and Shark

June 23rd, 2008 1 Comment

William Ruth and I are vacationing in Florida with my mother’s side of the family for a week. I rented some kayak’s for a couple of days, and we have been having great fun with them. They are the sit-on-top ocean type and are really easy to use. We headed out east this morning along […]

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June 20th, 2008 1 Comment

Do you know how hard it is to break the habit of typing “.mit.edu” after every computer name? I swear, I should just change my shell so that .mit.edu always gets replaced by .cern.ch.

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A presentation in two weeks!?

June 18th, 2008 No Comments

Ben Whatever happens this summer, I am extremely glad I got the chance to work at CERN. Because truth be told, after working in a lab with 2 Grad students, a postdoc, and a professor I don’t think I ever would have believed how incredibly different this kind of physics is. I really think MIT […]

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Old electronics

June 16th, 2008 No Comments

Ruth Is it possible to feel nostalgia for something that you’ve never experienced firsthand? ¬†Even though I didn’t really become a computer geek until after the internet bubble burst, I definitely have a soft spot for old electronics. It’s not like I can remember owning one of these mythical computers for which Emacs was actually […]


Overly Priced Local Calls

June 16th, 2008 No Comments

Ben I wanted my second post to include beautiful pictures that would make everybody jealous…but I’m really lazy. Instead, not but fifteen minutes ago I came across the evidence of a $50 phone call that had been charged to my credit card. This of course upset me, but I guess I have no one to […]

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Peanuts on the Floor

June 16th, 2008 1 Comment

William I returned on Friday from Arkansas where my dad and I picked up his new boat. For dinner we ate at the aptly named eatery, The Steak House. The hors devours are roasted, heavily salted peanuts served in a plastic flower pot. They are delicious. No receptacle is offered for the shells, and it […]

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